Hotel complex „HOUSE IN PAMPOROVO”
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The company is engaged in investment, management and implementation of investment projects, construction and assembly work, complex construction and exploitation of objects. There is available its own, modern technology base. For more information ...
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WARRANTY FOR QUALITY - 12 years experience in the implementation of concrete and industrial, imprinted and decorative coverings. Option for up to 1000 m ² / day. Specialized equipment and qualified personnel. For more information.
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For more than ten years the company has been developing its business and at the same time installed dozens of residential, public, industrial buildings, manufacturing plants and other important facilities, subject to its own and foreign investment.
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Professionalism, correctness and high quality in carrying out the assigned Construction and assembly works, made the company SAFKO PLC preferred partner. For more information.
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From the beginning of 2009, SAFKO LTD. has owned a cerfiticate of quality management ISO 9001

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„САФКО” ЕООД освен шлайфани и щамповани настилки изпълнява вече полиуретанови и епоксидни саморазливни настилки с продукти на Sika - предназначени за хранително-вкусовата, химическата и фармацевтична промишленост, болнични заведения, открити и закрити площи и много други.
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SAFKO PLC is listed in The Central Registry of Building Professionals as Builder having the right to implement construction in the following groups and categories:
Group one – construction from category one to five
Group two - construction from category two to four
Group three – construction from category one to three
Group four – construction from category one to three
Group five – construction and assembly work
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