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SAFKO LTD. is developing a new trade center "SERDIKA CENTER" - SOFIA in partnership with the consortium ECE TAAHHÜT VE PROJE YÖNETİMİ SAN. VE TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. The trade center is located on boulevard "Sitniakovo". The implementation deadline is the beginning of 2010. The total area of the trade center includes 200 luxury shops with total of build-up area of 50 000 sq.m. situated on three levels. The administrative area is 35 000 sq.m.

There will be 1800 parking lots build for conviniant access to the building with total build-up area of 180 000 sq.m. and 50 000 sq.m. of them will be accomplished by J.V. ECE - SAFKO Ltd.

Hotel complex "HOUSE IN PAMPOROVO"

The hotel rises on the total built-up area / living area / of 3196.80 sq.m. The suites, restaurant, fitness room and other service facilities are distributed to eight levels, two of them underground, in accordance with the annex to this PRESENTATION.

"Safko PLC is co-investor and Chief Contractor of the business center.

The main entrance to the residential part and the restaurant is from the north and east. Entrance to the outer parking lot is west. Area, which has developed the building is displacement of 10 m, which is displacement contained in unison with the environment and nature of Resort Complex "Pamporovo”. Vertical communications in the building are determined by two cells and two stair lift. Closed connection with the lobby of the two vertical communication takes place in elevation ± 0.00. The staircase could be accessed not only through the lobby, but from independent outside entrances in the western side of the building.

Construction height of the premises is:
• 3.40 meters for the restaurant;
• 3.40 meters for the entry and public spaces;
• 2.90 meters for residential units.

The construction is solid, of reinforced concrete with brick roof with slope 23 degrees. The roof structure is developed in a typical Rodopy style, characteristic of mounting buildings. The building is determined by the assignment of upper levels to enter smoothly the terrain and the environment. The finishing of the facades is achieved by natural materials.

Business Center "ANDROMEDA"

"Andromeda" is a modern commercial center of the highest class. It is located on "Tzar Boris III" Blvd. and includes office premises, shops, cafe bar in the first two floors. The complex has 15 parking lots and underground parking with 50 seats.
"Safko PLC is co-investor and Chief Contractor of business center Andromeda.

The site has:
• 3 lifts for comfortable and quick movement;
• Air conditioning and ventilation;
• Modern alert and video surveillance system;
• Luxury performance of office's rooms and common areas;

The complex is located at a distance of 10 minutes by car from the center of the capital, and its outstanding design and advantageous location suggest a good return of money in rental.

Services and facilities
• Shops;
• Cafe;
• Reception;
• Alert and video surveillance system;
• Underground parking;
• Sources of emergency electricity supply;
• Original implementation of the common parts;
• Air conditioning and ventilation system;

Advantages of the complex
• Guaranteed annual rent - 7% of the value of the facility during the first 5 years;
• Good location - one of the most lively metropolitan boulevards;
• Modern design, quality materials and equipment;
• Comfortable transport communications;
• Near the by-pass;
• Close to other office buildings, shops, sports facilities and more.

Building - Holiday - Belovodski road, Sofia.

Investor: Pirin Bild Plc.
The building has two floors and has a gym, shops, a candy shop and garages.
There are six apartments and three studios.
Total Area: 1033 sq.m
Total Built-up area: 828 sq.m

From the beginning of 2009, SAFKO LTD. has owned a cerfiticate of quality management ISO 9001

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„САФКО” ЕООД освен шлайфани и щамповани настилки изпълнява вече полиуретанови и епоксидни саморазливни настилки с продукти на Sika - предназначени за хранително-вкусовата, химическата и фармацевтична промишленост, болнични заведения, открити и закрити площи и много други.
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SAFKO PLC is listed in The Central Registry of Building Professionals as Builder having the right to implement construction in the following groups and categories:
Group one – construction from category one to five
Group two - construction from category two to four
Group three – construction from category one to three
Group four – construction from category one to three
Group five – construction and assembly work
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